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Assessment and Taxation

Filing an Application for Revision on your Property Assessment

Can you file an application for revision on your assessment?

Yes. You may file an application for revision on your property’s assessment, but not your taxes.

To whom do you file an application for revision?

The City has a Board of Revision, an impartial quasi-Judicial body that has the responsibility to hear applications with respect to the assessed value, classification, liability or the refusal of the assessor to amend the assessment roll.

The Board is appointed by City Council and consists of citizens selected for their knowledge, experience and impartiality. The Board is independent of the Assessment and Taxation department and the panel members are not City Employees. It reviews assessments and makes decisions based on the evidence which you, as the property owner and the assessor present.

How do you file an application for revision?

To have the assessment roll revised; an application for revision needs to be filed with the Board of Revision along with the appropriate non-refundable filing fee. Information on how to file an application can be found on the City Clerk’s website.

If you have questions about an appeal, please call the Board of Revision at 311 or toll free 1-877-311-4974.

Do you have to pay taxes when you file an application for revision on your assessment?

Yes. They are still due on or before the due date. If you are successful with your application and your assessment is reduced, you will get a refund of your overpaid taxes plus interest.

Can you appeal the Board of Revision’s decision?

Yes. There are two ways to do this:

  • If you disagree with the Board of Revision’s decision on your property’s assessed value or class, you can appeal its decision to the Manitoba Municipal Board. This has to be done within 21 days of the Board of Revision mailing its decision to you. The Municipal Board will set a time and place to hear your appeal, and then send its written decision to both you and the City.

  • If you are questioning whether your property should be taxed, the Board of Revision’s decision can be appealed to the Court of Queen’s Bench.
Last update: September 6, 2019